Quality Policy


Safe and Secure, Confidential Translation Services

In this day and age where security is the most valuable aspect regardless of industry sector, we consider keeping our clients' information confidential to be the utmost importance. Beacon Solutions utilizes SaaS-based ERP systems from a top-class network security provider and we regularly backup our data on a weekly basis. We also possess a powerful firewall to securely manage inbound and/or outbound traffic, and a restricted network access (via 802.1x authentication) to provide complete protection for our clients.
Due to the nature of the data that we handle, often being highly confidential, we treat our own network and devices with the utmost care in order to ensure privacy. Each and every machine we own is password-protected and security checked on a daily basis, and there are NAS drives installed to provide additional protection against unpredicted electronics-related disasters. We retain a strong partnership with an industry-leading security solution provider to go the extra mile in upholding our lofty values regarding security.
At the end of the day, our privacy is inherently linked to our clients' privacy. We regard confidentiality as being one of our core priorities.

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