Quality Policy

QA (Quality Assurance)


For each and every specialized field, such as contracts or marketing material, we undergo comprehensive qualification processes with our translators to ensure that they are befitting of the role to handle your respective project, including possessing necessary professional capabilities, educational background and/or work experience in that particular area.


To ensure consistent, accurate translation of complex or multiple documents, we also feature a supplementary proofreading service. Our in-house language managers go to great lengths to confirm that the submitted text is error-free and has made full use of the customer-requested vocabulary and tone throughout the entirety of the material. Upon request, we offer exhaustive proofreading by native speakers.
(With particular respect to Korean to English projects, an extra cost is applied.)


Once you place an order with us, you are free to communicate with your translator or reviewer to address any additional issues you may have. Once the translated work has been submitted for your approval, you can request for further revisions or discussions with those in charge of the project.


Have a robust project that absolutely requires special attention or ongoing management? Our dedicated project managers, acting as the backbone of our workflow, take the work off your hands. The project manager establishes and maintains consistent communication with the client throughout the entire process and always remains on-hand for any requested changes, questions, and clarifications that may arise. Above all else, their primary role is to see that your budgets and deadlines are precisely met.


These are just some examples of the steps we undertake to provide translation of the highest quality to our customers. Client satisfaction remains at the forefront of our minds at all times, and we are continuously striving to improve our clients' overall experience.


We employ a series of review processes in order to ensure translation accuracy and precision. Should the project requires additional levels of quality assurance, we can customize the process to fit the needs of the client.

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